Auralia Rose

Auralia is a highly experienced, nurturing, caring practitioner who is focussed on getting the best possible outcome for her clients.  She has a systematic approach, with attention to detail, which she combines with her keen intuition to achieve the best possible outcome.


Connect to your Higher Self to receive your own direct answers to all your questions and receive healing on all levels. Get to the core of any issue or health challenge. Discover why you are here and your unlimited potential and power to live an amazing life.

Past Life Regression

Discover your most relevant past lives to better understand your current life. The answers to fears and phobias, relationship and health issues, why you are drawn to certain time periods or places, may be found in a different lifetime. Provides understanding, release and multi level healing.

Whole Presence Soul Retrieval

Retrieve & reunify 100% of your Soul from all life times, space and dimensions. Receive a direct experience of your Divine Soul Presence. Integrate all aspects of your Being for a quantum leap in your soul’s evolution as your energy is no longer fragmented & diffused.


Simply lie down and deeply relax. Far infrared rays, negative ions, and amethyst crystals provide remarkable health benefits for mind and body.  Relaxes, eases stress and pain, reduces inflammation, improves sleep, supports the immune system, and much more.

Learn more about Auralia at or call her on 0422 481 007.