Peppi Meikle

Peppi has been working with her own energies and the energies of nature for over 20 years. Using a combination of Traditional Feng Shui and many other shamanistic practices and medicines, Peppi can see, hear, and feel imbalances in people, animals and environments.

She is passionate about encouraging others to see the incredible talents that she sees within them, creating self-empowerment and building self-worth. You will learn how to connect to your own body; love it, be the master of it, and feel at home in it. It's your best friend!

Peppi offers a new approach to age and weight management for all ages and genders that is simple and joyful. She also offers support and assistance to anyone going through personal spiritual advancements.

Using a nurturing and gentle approach, Peppi  can also help with weekly home and personal energy field clearings and protection, entity removal, and physical energy balancing.