In gratitude for your work

” May 2017 – I get a call from my daughter in Canada to say she is in hospital. I’m not to worry, she just wants to tell me she has fallen 9 metres from a balcony and has fractured her backtest results are not in yet, she thinks she will be fine, she has been flown to Edmonton hospital as she could not be treated in Jasper. 

Not to worry. Is she serious? As I sit in shock on my bed – 7am here Australia, I was getting ready to go to work, my head is flooded with images of what this could mean. My youngest child, almost 25 years old and in hospital with a fractured back on the other side of the world. 

In what seems like super slow motion, the next 24 hrs seems surreal, the phone calls, the messages, the work, life, family plans that are all put on hold, and somehow a call is made to you, Sandy. 

By 8am the next day I am on my way to Canada, the silence of no phone contact for the next 17 hrs is difficult. The images of what I may find when I get there, the possibilities of this fall are exaggerated by the silence. 

What you do exactly, Sandy, I do not know. I’ve made a call to you, leaving the process to divinity now.

On arrival to Edmonton, two of her friends come to meet me at the airport – warning me that she does not look very good. All I want is to see her. As I enter the hospital room, her neck brace is off, her chin is bruised and her face is pale. As she speaks I notice her tongue is black – and she has 5 fractures in her spine, 2 minor, 3 serious. 

I sleep on the floor next to her for that night, and the next day, she is released into my care, as I am completely committed to being there for her and she is allowed to stand for the first time. From here, the recovery process is absolutely amazing. At first she needs a frame to lean on to have a shower, she can’t roll over in bed, so I sleep next to her to help her move when she is uncomfortable. Day by day she moves more, she eats, she sleeps and a month goes by until she can brush her own hair. At this point she can walk with a cane, wash herself, sit and stand and lie in bed without help. She tells me ‘ Mum, this is the best thing that has happened in my life so far’. She explains ‘ this has stopped me in my tracks, has made me question where I am going and what I am doing in my life. It is really very good’. I help her pack all her possessions, she sells what she does not want or need on-line whilst sitting on the lounge or a chair and she moves to Kalona, to live and work with a couple she made plans with previously. From strength to strength, she makes new life decisions and I go home to Australia. Since then, she has left Canada, gone deep sea diving in Thailand, walked Everest base camp and had a stint at living in New Zealand. She is currently back in Canada, working towards her next goal – being a helicopter pilot.

She has not allowed any mention of breakage, only of healing and recovery; she still works out daily (at best ) to maintain muscle strength in her abdominals and overall fitness to support her bones. We all live in the wonder of her recovery and see that anything is possible.

Her outward demeanour is met with astonishment when any medical examination looks at her X-rays. She shrugs it off and keeps on going. 

Thank you, Sandy, for what your part in this is and was. I am sure I can only guess. It feels very significant and really tangible. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Elizabeth B.

Countless Doctors

I’ve been to countless doctors and tried different therapies over the last 4 years, and no one has been able to find a solution to an awful chronic pain in my Achilles tendon.

I’ve met Sandy and have been to only two sessions with her. I’ve been able to run and exercise again.

Besides this, she has taught me amazing techniques to change patterns and find a great balance.

I love her practice and am so happy to have found her! I have recommended it to several of my friends already”. Monica (Sydney)

~ Melissa (Adelaide)

Healing at a Distance

“Wow, Sandy, you are amazing. Sandy is your lady for everyone out there who wants to clear old patterns, beliefs, and unwanted feelings.

I have had the pleasure of working through my issues with  Sandy over the phone as I am 12 hours away from her, and the distance does not change the effectiveness of her healing.

Sandy has the most beautiful nature and can easily identify the issues within and how to clear these to enable the emotional freedom we all seek.

The most amazing thing about the process is that once layers are removed, I   have found that we have reached the root cause to ensure there is no repeat of the emotion/illness. Thanks again, Sandy, for allowing me to transform back to the original me.”

M Gunn

From Grumpy and Aggressive to Affectionate and Caring

“My 9-year-old son was moody, grumpy, aggressive and wasn’t enjoying life.  

What a different boy I have now.  He is calmer, happier, cuddlier  and  so much more helpful than before. 

I  feel like I have found my son and I can finally see who he really is….  an affectionate, caring, funny boy with a great sense of humour. His father and his Nana have also  noticed significant changes in him. 

Much gratitude to Sandy for a very  powerful and effective treatment


Age Is Just A Number

“I am a lady of 82 years and have just had a session with Sandy. I am so amazed at how I feel after talking to her I did feel stressed and very heavy within, but now I am feeling so light, happy, energetic and peaceful within myself”

Amazing Session

“I’m writing to share about an amazing session I received from Sandy last week
Often when doing inner work on our ancestral lines it takes time & ongoing trust for results to filter through into our current life
But this time a very positive result filtered through within 2 days & a long-standing family estrangement was magically resolved
Thank you Sandy it is an honour to work with you Your skill level is amazing & your integrity is pure & of the highest kind
I am very thankful that after many years of stagnant family estrangement some positive forward moves have been made”.
Thank you 

Kerrieanne Holani

Successful in Clearing Existing Blockages

Feeling weighed down like I had the world on my shoulders, I entered Su Ying’s Clinic for the first time. Hours later I walked out a new woman.

Su Ying has over 20 years healing experience. With direct contact to her spiritual guides, she is able to release all contracts and past life experiences that are no longer relevant, instantly. This process then begins to release any related physical ailments.

Su Ying was so successful in clearing existing blockages with me toward my partner, that we became engaged a few days later.  My left sore knee disappeared and my hips are becoming more flexible. I have had many healings over the years but none as powerful or immediate as Su Ying’s. The only requirement needed, is to have an open mind and be willing to receive.

Thankyou Su Ying from the bottom of my heart.

Elkie Hughes

When you find a teacher/mentor that you connect with

When you find a teacher/mentor that you connect with easily and wholeheartedly it is truly a blessing. Su Ying is that teacher/mentor for me. 

I was recommended to Su Ying through a friend and began having regular healing sessions before discovering that Su Ying teaches. Before long I was her student.

Su Ying brings the equal balance of fun and learning to the space making it easy to absorb information, while having fun at the same time. Su Ying creates a space of acceptance and judgment-free, allowing her students to be wherever they are emotionally, spiritually, mentally and able express themselves and ask questions comfortably, while feeling supported.

Su Ying is that teacher who loves to explore and gets great delight out of sharing what she has discovered, opening up a plethora of questions and opportunities her students and clients.

As a practitioner, a client and a student of Su Ying’s, I can’t overstate how highly I recommend Su Ying, as a teacher/mentor. Su Ying has bought much richness, clarity and magic to my life and those she has connected with. 

Su Ying is a true blessing and I’m so grateful to have found such a teach/mentor.





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